Church Clock Meeting


St John's Church Clock and Tower Clocks through the ages

 The meeting held on Zoom on Monday 26th April 2021


The more astute Keynsham residents will have realised that something is missing from the local soundscape in addition to the current reduction in traffic noise.  Yes, St John the Baptist’s church clock is not chiming the hours.  The reason?  The auto winding mechanism has broken and is beyond repair and so it will need to be replaced.  We are working on raising the funds to achieve this.

In the meantime, have you ever wondered: 

Why churches have clocks?  What happens in the ringing room?  Why do we have a weather vane?  If you would like to discover the answers to these questions and ask any others that you have why not sign up for a free Zoom talk on Monday 26 April starting at 7 p.m.

This will cover:

Information on the tower: 

            Its history
            What’s in the tower
            The weather vane

Our Clock:

            Its history
            How the clock works 
            A demonstration of how it was wound in the past

Why churches have clocks:

Along with your chance to ask questions

Later in the year (COVID-19 regulations permitting) we hope to be able to organise Tower tours and give you a chance to climb up the tower and see the bell ringing room and the view from the top of the tower.